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此题无正确答案, C不正确. 1. 如选C则原题少了一个单词it, 即: Jim was born in 1991 --- it was called West Lake . 那么就是where 引导地点状语从句,意为"在...的地方" , 相当于定从: where it was called West Lake (地点状语从句) =in the p...

人教版新目标 七年级英语上册课本全部听力录音(MP3格式),go for it的 已通过tailuowang***@***.com发送至你的邮箱。

Theinternetisthebiggestsourceofinformationintheworld,and it's accessible ... The World Wide Web was invented in 1991 by an English scientist, Tim ...

“It was all his own idea,” says Pat, the wife of California high ...Bob and Pat were married in 1991. After they married, Pat ___6___ a...

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